I love the Unix philosophy, but...

I attended the Edge Conference in London, for which Andrew Betts should receive high praises.

During the build system panel some remarks were made about the Unix philosophy in response to a question I asked. I did get a counter argument in, but the available time only allowed for tweet size comments, so I don't think I got my point across properly. I'll try to go a bit in depth on my reasoning here.

PUSH, the post GET paradigm

Web performance these days is non-optional. If your web page is slow, you lose business. Our visitors are an impatient lot, and though they are not actively counting milliseconds, web developers have to, just in order to keep visitors' thoughts away from cat videos and flappy bird.

In our hunt for milliseconds we, the web developers, are going through a great ordeal just to keep up. We are following the 14 rules, we are fighting off marketing's bigger is better and we are setting up automated torture machines for our code. All for the milliseconds, all to keep our visitors' attention.