Conference Talks

I have a lot of ideas and occasionally some of them are good. When they are I try to contribute them to the community by giving talks about them at web development conferences and meetups.

This is a list of some of my talks that got caught on video for you to enjoy and me to cringe over.

If you are a conference organizer and would like me to talk at your conference, shoot me an email. Contact information is in the page footer.

Transpiling Recomposed

Modern web developers have become heavily dependent on abstractions like jade, sass or ES6. These are powerful tools, but to themselves require new abstractions, wrappers and runners. The rate at which new tools, workflows and even languages are appearing is staggering. Each iteration adds more complexity and less interoperability.

So how do we expect newcomers to be able to enter our field when we can hardly keep up ourself?

This will be an exploration of our tool chains with a focus on transpilers. The mission: To identify moving parts, recompose and simplify for the good of the current and future generation of developers.

Making development workflows simple

In a world of ever-increasing complexity in compilers, build systems, tests and tools that all have to integrate with each other, it seems that developers have lost their intuition of what is simple. Getting into web development has never had a steeper learning curve and nobody seems to be addressing the fact that this might hurt our community in the long run by scaring newcomers.

A different approach to build systems

Why is it that every web build system needs you to adapt to its way of working? Why do you have to write manifest files, put files into a specific directory structure and do a lot of manual work to have an optimized production build of your web site. If your browser can see the unoptimized assets in your web page, why shouldn’t your build system be able to as well?

This will be a very short presentation of the thoughts and decisions behind the node based web optimization framework assetgraph and a demonstration of some of the features it has.

One-color - Easy JS colors

One-color.js is an immutable color object that gives you gettters, setters and adjustment methods for all channels in all the supported color spaces which currently are RGB, HSV, HSL and CMYK. Color space conversions are implicit. Full alpha channel support.